ABi Online Radio ESP 072 – Lisa Murray – Energising Your NOW

  • Lisa Murray is the Australian founder of Creative Alchemi™, a thriving international
    business which invites you to nurture your ideas into life with ease and get off the
    merry-go-round of ‘should’. An MBA qualified business mentor & facilitator, Lisa’s vision
    is to make work into a playful, satisfying adventure.
    Lisa is the author of ‘Stop Waiting, Start Creating’ & ‘Living Beyond Burnout’. She
    inspires entrepreneurs, change-leaders and creatives to embrace the blossoming of
    their creative energies in creating greater futures, via retreats, workshops and creative
    adventures. Her ‘Amplify Your Energy Lounge’ offers a supportive community and
    ground-breaking strategies for people with overwhelm, anxiety and burnout.
    Lisa has spoken at events and facilitated workshops in more than 10 countries. Her
    work brings fresh perspectives and a vibrant, creative energy on business issues such
  • Employee experience (retention & engagement).
  • Job design for joy, performance & productivity.
  • Preventing & transforming employee burnout & fatigue.
  • Building creative, innovative, caring cultures.
  • Change leadership & intuitive transformation.


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